About Kickboxing


Kickboxing can provide numerous benefits for you, but recently, many people have gone to kickboxing for one reason, and that is to lose weight. The reason why kickboxing can help you burn calories fast and allow you to lose weight and develop your muscles faster is that because it involves using your hands, arms, legs, feet and most of the time, a combination of all your body parts simultaneously, in a repetitive, yet lively, fast motions. It is a high impact program that can work out your cardiovascular system at a very high level.

  1. You get to hit things – lets just call that stress relieving
  2. The satisfaction you get from knowing you have a perfect spinning hook kick – and the look on your friends’ faces when you show them
  3. Kickboxing helps you sleep
  4. Kickboxing helps your immune system function better
  5. Kickboxing improves your appearance
  6. Kickboxing helps you relax
  7. Kickboxing reduces the risk of developing hypertension
  8. Kickboxing reduces your anxiety levels
  9. Kickboxing teaches you how to defend yourself
  10. It helps overcome jetlag
  11. It lowers your resting heart rate
  12. It increases you anaerobic threshold (allows you to work or exercise for longer at a higher level before a lot of lactic acid builds up)
  13. It helps to preserve lean body tissue
  14. Kickboxing improves posture
  15. Kickboxing helps you maintain your resting metabolic rate
  16. It expands blood plasma volume
  17. It boosts your energy levels
  18. Kickboxing increases the supply of blood to the skin for cooling
  19. It burns excess calories, and lets you eat more while maintaining a stable weight
  20. It improves circulation in general
  21. Kickboxing improves your reaction speeds
  22. Kickboxing improves your mental alertness
  23. It improves your discipline and self-esteem
  24. It makes you more flexible
  25. It improves your balance and coordination
  26. It helps you lose weight – and keep it off (unlike dieting alone)
  27. Kickboxing relieves the pain of tension headaches – possibly the most common type of headache
  28. Kickboxing increases the density and breaking strength of your bones
  29. It increases the circulating levels of HDL (good) cholesterol
  30. It improves short-term memory
  31. It reduces vulnerability to cardian dysrhythmias (abnormal heart rhythms)
  32. It reduces circulating levels of triglyderides
  33. It beats watching reruns on Dave (and it’s better for you)
  34. It gives you more energy in day-to-day life
  35. It increases the density and breaking strengths of ligaments and tendons
  36. It increases your level of muscle endurance
  37. Kickboxing helps to alleviate depression
  38. Kickboxing increases your maximal oxygen uptake
  39. Kickboxing teaches you to breathe properly when exercising
  40. It expands blood plasma volume
  41. It balances out the strength in your upper and lower body
  42. It improves respiratory muscle strength and endurance
  43. It reduces your risk of developing various diseases – from common colds to type II diabetes and coronary thrombosis
  44. It improves skin tone
  45. It improves your body’s ability to use fat for energy during physical activity, so it’s easier to shed fat
  46. It improves your pain tolerance
  47. It increases your overall health awareness
  48. It improves heat and cold tolerances
  49. It increases the diffusion capacity of your lungs, improcing the exchange of oxygen into the bloodstream
  50. Kickboxing improves your overall quality of life