About Boxing

Why Boxing?


Boxing Is Fun

Enjoying something is probably the number one reason why anybody ever got good at anything. The one thing boxing has over fitness exercises is FUN! If you ever plan to be successful at anything, it has to be fun. Otherwise, it becomes work, becomes a chore, and you’ll quit before you ever get a routine going. This is the problem with most workout routines.

Literally EVERYONE I’ve seen that puts on a pair of gloves for the first time has fun. Hitting the focus mitts becomes a game and they enjoy the challenge. There so many pieces of equipment in the gym and so many skills to master that boxing never becomes boring. Even after the boxing session ends, they go home and watch videos online. They shadowbox at home and become inspired by other boxers. There are very few exercises that leave this lasting impression. Can you imagine someone going home and fantasizing about running?


Boxing Is Challenging

Many people think boxing is challenging because getting hit in the face must be painful. They think of boxing as going to war, and they imagine themselves having to throw and absorb punches like Rocky. Let me give it to you straight: boxing is easily one of the most difficult things you’ll ever do in life – physically and mentally. It requires, strength, power, speed, endurance, reflexes, intelligence, and heart.

But wait! There is another little known reason why boxing is so challenging: it is because it’s common for you to see the best athletes in the sport on a regular basis. Think about it: how often does the average kid ever get the chance to go to a basketball court and witness Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant playing basketball? The chances are virtually zero. Millions of people participate in activities where they never get the chance to see a professional at work. Quite often, the hardest-working athletes are already the best in their sport wherever it is that they practice. There is nobody around them that is better and so they’re not as inspired to improve.


Boxing is quite different in this aspect. It’s easy for you to workout at a gym and watch professional boxers train at the same time with you. You get to witness the impossible everyday in the gym and you’re constantly inspired to push yourself to new levels of performance. And what better than to be motivated by the best athletes in one of the hardest sports ever?


Boxing Improves Confidence

Boxing is a great confidence booster. The sport molds fighters out of average people. There is no greater way to overcome your fears and claim your courage by climbing through the ropes to meet your opponent at the center of the ring. Imagine yourself reborn again as a warrior when you stare out at your opponent through your headgear, bite down on your mouth guard, and clench your fist inside your gloves. After having to fight in the ring, other challenges in life seem much more manageable. Boxing improves your attitude, confidence, and outlook on life.


Boxing Is A Great Workout

Have you ever seen what a boxer body looks like? Hard, lean, ripped, without an ounce of fat. Everybody knows boxing is one of the toughest workouts you can ever do. Training to fight is unlike any other kind of physical exercise. Your body has to be in the best condition possible. Every part of your body is used during the fight and you would be a fool to get lazy and pay for it later in the ring. Boxing is not a sport you can be lazy at and it shows in its athletes.

I’ve had many friends that tell me they lose 3 pounds in a single boxing session compared to only 1 pound at the gym doing regular weights and cardio. Boxing is a sport where your coach, your opponents, and you yourself will push you beyond your limits. It’s no wonder that boxing will definitely get you in shape faster than anything else out there. I sincerely mean it!

Boxing is a fun challenging workout that improves your confidence and gets you in shape faster than anything out there. Try it for yourself and you’ll find boxing to be that awesome exercise you’ve always wanted.